Amish style drifting and street racing

The Amish are very conservative people with big hearts. I grew up in a part of the country where Amish families are very prevalent. I attended a private college where the majority people attending school were Amish. I'm not Amish, but I know a lot about them and their way of life because I grew up around them. They are hard working people with a love for religion, family, friends, and good times!

Believe it or not, Amish people are some of the most fun people you can be around. Amish are very positive people and always have a smile on their face. They know how to have a great time and how to make use of items most wouldn't consider as fun! My wife's family is Amish with lineage back to the original "Graber" family of Bunker Hill, Indiana. Amish fun can be a little unusual and exciting, welcome to the world of Amish drifting and street racing.

Amish style drifting is done during the cold winters and typically evolves a work wagon and a horse that is young and wild. It's a thrill that only few can master! A driver sits on the work wagon pulling on the horse's reigns to make it go in circles in a fashion that slides the work cart out of control. This is Amish drifting at it's best! I was actually lucky enough to find an Amish drifting video to share with you below. As you will see, he is using the typical light weight work cart and a young spirited horse for the fun. Amish drifting is dangerous, do not try this at home unless you are an experienced horse handler. Running the horse in circles like this can spook them, be careful!

Video content: Amish drifting

Street racing Amish style is done by either one or two horse drawn buggies that race down a street to see who's horse can travel at the fastest rate. The best Amish style street racing is performed down hill, as this gives the horse extra speed and the help of gravity to move the buggy. Amish street racing can reach speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour! It doesn't sound fast, but in a top heavy buggy with wood wheels and no seat belts it is very fast and exhilarating. This unique pass time in Amish country takes place frequently! 

Only attempt buggy street racing if your horse is properly trained and wearing asphalt shoes. Damage can occur to the horse's feet if you run it on pavement at high speeds with out the proper shoes! Do not try this at home unless you are experienced in buggy style racing. Racing with a buggy behind your horse is dangerous because the buggy could go out of control at anytime if not properly balanced.

Special thanks to my Amish friends that taught me about these fun past times! Now I can share these great experiences with you!

Video content: Amish street racing

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