Insane Camaro runs from police

A police chase involving a fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro was recently released on illustrating just how crazy a Camaro can be driven. The fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro is a very powerful vehicle that can handle extremely well. However, if the driver doesn't understand how to properly use the vehicle even the bulkiest police vehicle with trained driver can keep up. Kudos to the police officer who risked his life to stop this insane Camaro driver.

The chase starts on a town main street as the officer notices the fugitive driving in the opposing lanes of traffic. Quickly making a U-turn across a median and ramp divider, the police officer catches up with the Camaro within seconds. A truly amazing driving performance by this officer, he illustrates the great driving skills possessed by United States police officers. The Camaro tries to lose him in a neighborhood area, quickly diverting off the main street. This is not enough to lose the avid officer!

The pursuit continues through the neighborhood and eventually ends up in total disaster. The Camaro loses control and ends up ditching the Chevy into a fence! The police officer notices the opportunity to capture the fugitive and takes proper action. Busting out the window by using his equipped pistol, he does an excellent job of establishing dominance with the subject.

However, the subject continues to try and flee, burning his tires as the car is framed out on a curb lacking the traction needed to escape. The officer gives him the ultimatum of either death or arrest as the subject was putting the officer's life in danger by his extreme actions. The video does not show the arrest, but it's safe to assume the pursuing officer and his back up capture the individual and booked him on several charges! Great job officer, my hat goes off to you sir. (Watch video below, chase doesn't start until about 40 seconds)

Video content: Police chase insane Chevrolet Camaro
Cop Chases 4th Gen. Camaro

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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