Hot blonde street races Ferrari

A swimsuit model from "" street racing a Ferrari 360 Modena for a set is amazing. Not only does she posses the looks, ability, and skill to model she also can drive! The ultimate package for most male car enthusiast, this swimsuit model pushes the limit of her Ferrari. Zipping through tunnels and curves of this mountain range, the model nimbly handles the Ferrari with ease. The loud rips of high RPM exhaust can be heard as she screams the car through the tunnels. After the quick street race, she continues with a photo shoot as a swimsuit model. Awesome!

The Ferrari handles exceptionally well with a light weight female driver. Vehicles are constantly going through weight reduction to gain extra performance. Most weight reductions only shed a few pounds! Try using a light weight female driver and shed 100 pounds off that heavy male driver. If a light weight female is not available, male drivers can go on diets that reduce weight. Losing weight from yourself is much easier than shaving pounds off a vehicle once it's stripped down much as possible. This swimsuit model has the right idea! She might weigh maybe 110 lbs tops, while most men weigh anywhere from 140 up to 200 pounds. That's a thirty pound minimum difference, a difference that can win races.

Video content: Swimsuit model street races Ferrari

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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