Girl wrecks 800 hp Corvette

An 18 year old young girl gets behind the wheel of a 800 horsepower Corvette and wrecks it during a school project. Hosted by, the project was to explain how to drag race a Corvette. The Corvette is extensively modified and features nitrous oxide, new cam, exhaust, plus countless other mods not listed. Eight hundred horsepower is a very large number to control for any driver, both male and female. An inexperienced driver should never be allowed behind the wheel of a high horsepower vehicle without proper training. Building up to power is a great idea to learn how vehicles react under different performance circumstances.

This wreck could have been avoided if she learned on a low power vehicle, and moved her way up. Starting out with a stock V6 Camaro is a great place to learn how GM sports cars react. Next, moving up to a stock Corvette or V8 Camaro would be a wise choice. Then, after she was confident in the stock power levels it would have been acceptable to take on the 800 horsepower monster. Let this be a lesson to all aspiring drivers, start with low power or at least respect the high power when you drive it!

Video content: Young girl wrecks 800 horsepower Corvette

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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