Mitsubishi Evo power steering failure causes fire!

Recently the AMS Performance and NOS Energy Drink Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X caught on fire due to a blown power steering line. We've all grown to love the AMS Performance EVO, it has great styling and possesses amazing speed for time attack competition. Sometimes running at 9,000 RPM has a toll on engines and peripheral components. The power steering pump being driven at 9,000 RPM along with the engine can only last so long, including the fittings, hoses, etc. It's really only a matter of time before things start to break down. So the question arises, why didn't they see this coming?

Maybe in the future AMS Performance will perform scheduled maintenance to prevent further catastrophe to their precious gem. Just like normal vehicles, track vehicles require tentative and rigorous maintenance. Other areas that should be serviced regularly would be the brake and fuel lines. Keeping a special eye on the fuel lines is especially important. Had this been a fuel fire instead of a power steering fire, the car would have been totaled. Better luck to AMS Performance in the future! You have an awesome car and everyone loves it, don't over cook it please.

Video content: AMS Performance EVO catches on fire

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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