Hot model drives Ferrari F360 on Autobahn

A European model is shown in the video below racing the Autobahn at over 180 mph! Topping out exotic sports cars isn't just for legendary drivers. Women seen driving these top dollar exotics and pushing them to the limits is a testimony to females actually being better drivers than men. It's been scientifically proven that women can multitask better than men. The average weight of a woman is also lower than the average weight of a man. So naturally, a lighter weight driver that can calculate and multitask at a faster rate is going to be chosen. Women in racing is relatively new, but so far they have shown their ability to perform just as good if not better than men.

Pay special attention to how alert the European model is while driving the Ferrari at top speed. She is fully aware of her surroundings, trajectory, and RPM. Perfectly shifting during times of high speed peril solely relies on the ability to multitask. Her shifting is flawless! Checking her mirrors and making note of surroundings, she safely navigates the Autobahn at over 180 miles per hour. If science is right, we will see more women in racing as the sport progresses. Great job European model, you are making strides in female racing.

Video content: European model races Autobahn at over 180 mph

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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