Clutch explodes inside of car!

A clutch blew up at Willowbank drag strip literally engulfing the cabin with flames. There was no separation between the transmission housing and the interior of the chassis, which allowed the driver to be placed in harms way. Watching the video you can see that the clutch was smoking prior to launch. This should have been the first sign, because I guarantee he could smell the clutch. When a clutch explodes, there is ample amounts of friction and heat that must be released. Shrapnel and little bits of possibly ceramic clutch plates fly through out the cabin at amazing speed.

If the driver wasn't wearing a full protective suit, there is no doubt that 3rd degree burns and little bits of clutch would have saturated the occupants skin. This is why race drivers wear protective suits! When dealing with high amounts of power, you never know what can happen. Take this clutch blowing up as an example of how bad things can get. Furthermore, a protective layer of sheet metal or a blanket over the transmission could have prevented bodily damage to the driver. This blanket or steel shell may cause more heat, but it's worth it in the end. An explosive clutch can be fatal, but luckily this driver walks away with minimal damage.

Video content: Clutch blows up inside the car

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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