TT Lamborghini Gallardo 'pwns competition during roll race

Cranking out a conservative 1250 horsepower for this race but known to turn over 1500, the Underground Racing twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo was seen at the Texas Mile smoking everything in sight. Motorcycles, Toyota Supra, Dodge Viper, and other imports were on the slaughter list of this custom fabricated Lamborghini Gallardo.

The best thing about this vehicle is that the builders claim it drives and reacts just like a stock Gallardo, but holsters the power of an adjustable 1250 to 1500 horsepower. Outfitted with all black exterior and chrome trim, this Gallardo is a sleeper that packs a punch. Still luxurious yet incredibly sporty, the refined prowess of a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardo is almost god-like to the automotive culture.

The first race consists of a late body style twin turbo Dodge Viper and the Lamborghini Gallardo. Starting a 60 mph roll and racing for a half mile stretch, the Lamborghini lets the Viper get the jump and still smokes it! Quickly catching and passing is how this twin turbo Lambo deals the cards. Consecutive races all end up the same. One quick launch from 60 mph into the stratosphere leaves the competition behind when you are driving a twin turbo Gallardo built by Underground Racing!

Video content: Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo smokes competition

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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