Volkswagen Golf cut in half still drives!

Driving only half of a Volkswagen Golf MK is nearly twice as fun as driving the complete version. Somewhere in Serbia a man drives this modified "rally" car to the limit. Special thanks to "Salman P" for bringing this video to our attention! The Volkswagen Golf MK is a very fast car, especially when used for downhill touge as seen here. However, when modifying the vehicle by removing the rear half and upper roof, even more fun can be had. Backwards indo's and dragging the rear like a scalded dog, this Volkswagen Golf MK is still having great times regardless of it's handicap.

Cutting a vehicle in half isn't as easy as it looks. First of all, where is the gas tank? It is probably stored in the passenger foot well or inside of the hood. The gas tank will be much smaller so the distance you can travel with half a car would be, well half as far. Imagine seeing this vehicle traveling down the road! Purely a stunt for back woods Serbians, this is a great way to enjoy a vehicle that has been wrecked. Why not put it to good use instead of crushing it? Great fun can be had by a little ingenuity and a cutting torch. Put your imagination to work the next time you possess a totaled vehicle! This video has brought in nearly 250,000 views on YouTube and has a five star rating. Very good job "Srbinbwe", this is an excellent video.

Video content: driving only half of a Volkswagen Golf

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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