Cadillac CTS-V runs low 10's

The Vette Doctor's have built a 800+ horsepower CTS-V and are claiming it to be the fastest in the country. Registering 10.32, it is faster than Hennessey's CTS-V! A fun rivalry between the two builders is going to bring forth even more power. When two builders compete for the best time, we all win. What will Hennessey do in response to this lower time? By nearly a second faster, the Vette Doctor's CTS-V is setting the pace; well ahead of Hennessey! As the story unfolds, I'm sure that there will be a stiff competition between the two builders.

The beauty of a fast CTS-V remains in the fact it's a pure sleeper. No one expects a sedan Cadillac to run low 10's on the quarter mile. A great launch thanks to slicks and traction control, the CTS-V breathes NOS filled fire as it rips down the strip in record time. A great street contender, this vehicle can also be daily driven in full comfort of air conditioned seating, OnStar convenience, plus the frills you expect from Cadillac. The sweet savory leather matched with 800+ horsepower is quite a ride indeed. Congratulations to The Vette Doctors for building such an amazing performance vehicle!

Video content: Fastest CTS-V in the country

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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