2010 Camaro customized by UNC Tarheel fan

Dedicated to the champions, the University of North Carolina Tarheel edition shows one fans love for the one of the greatest basketball teams to ever grace the court. Completely customized paint scheme outfitted in North Carolina blue, the ultimate in UNC appeal has been transformed into a modern muscle car. Mixing the modern muscle with a semi-donk appearance, the 2010 Camaro UNC Tarheel edition is a very special vehicle. The amount of detail seen in the paint job is astounding! All colors match perfectly, and also include the Tarheel mascot hand painted on the rear quarter panel. A custom windscreen showing the team in final glory is the finishing touch to this UNC dedication.

Custom painting a vehicle like this is not easy by any means. The lines must be perfect, the colors must match, and all of the design must be contiguous. Aligning the pattern and pin striping is not easy either, but overall this vehicle turned out spectacular. Sporting twenty two inch rims, this UNC Tarheel edition can be seen mobbing the east coast with Tarheel pride. Great job to the builders of this vehicle, it is awesome! A great show of team spirit, the 2010 Camaro UNC Tarheel edition is one to be admired. Check out the slide show below and then visit the owner's CarDomain profile.

Video content: 2010 Camaro UNC Tarheel edition

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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