Nissan GT-R eats wall on first lap

An example of inexperienced drivers possessing too much speed and not enough knowledge is displayed as a Nissan GT-R gets wrecked during a first lap. Overtaking a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the GT-R enters a corner with too much speed and nose plows right into the barrier. Ouch! Not only the GT-R get's a nose job, but another vehicle that was taking the outside lane gets trapped into the madness. Only a newb driver would make this mistake. There is countless laps left to race, why push it on the first corner? Adrenaline has a lot do with this this mistake. If this was the drivers first race, they were probably so excited and full of spirit they forgot about the laws of physics.

Many new drivers suffer from anxiety there first race. Some drivers go too slow and baby the car through corners while others become full of exuberance packing pounds of "the moment" energy. These drivers are the dangerous ones to watch out for. If your at a meet and you here Johnny B. Public has a hot new car and this is his first race, stay away from him the first couple of laps. Let him get the feel for a race before approaching his area. They are unpredictable and dangerous, but we've all been there. When a race is underway, it is a completely different feeling than just time attacks. Full blown races play psychological tricks on your mind, and this driver is obviously a victim of racer's anxiety!

Video content: Nissan GT-R wrecked during first lap

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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