How 'not' to inflate your tires

If you haven't seen the trick of inflating tires with fire, let me first explain to you how it is done. Simply dump a little bit of flammable liquid into a tire that isn't set on the rim yet, and then ignite. The expanding pressure of the volatile liquid combusting will create enough force to set the tire on the rim. Sounds easy enough right? In this following video, we get to see the "FAIL" version of using fire to inflate tires.

After trying to ignite the fluid with a torch like device, the tire simply sits and smolders. This is when one genius decides to put his face up near the tire and blow air on the fire. Adding oxygen to the flame was enough to combust the fluid, resulting in a nice fricassee. He didn't get hurt, and he lived to tell the story- but the same can not be said for the man's eyebrows. If you are going to try this trick, it's a wise idea to keep your face out of the equation.

Video content: How 'not' to inflate your tires

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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