Invisible rope pranksters busted by police

The infamous invisible rope trick is when two people stand on either side of the road and pretend they have a rope strung across the street. With both people leaning as if holding on to a rope really tight, it creates the illusion of a rope. This causes cars to stop in panic, caution, and sometimes hold up traffic for blocks. A good rope trick pulled off would be considered a panic stop leading to a ten minute stand off between the ropers and the motorists. Even though the invisible rope trick is funny, it typically leads to arrest like in the following video. Let's not forget safety first, stupid stunts like this can get your or other innocent people hurt really bad or even killed. Invisible rope trick is dumb, just don't do it.

The invisible rope trick simple DIY
  1. Find an invisible rope.
  2. Locate a moderately busy public roadway.
  3. Act the part.
  4. Go to directly to jail.
Sad but true, it's safe to say these transparent rodeo clowns got a free ride to county jail. Pulling a stunt like this is very dangerous, and the illegal penalties behind such a rash prank could be very stiff. Maybe they got off with just a warning, but had anything serious happened they could be facing life in jail. What if a car comes to a screeching halt to avoid an invisible rope and crashes into a senior's day out tour bus? This stuff is serious, and is not to be taken lightly.

Some will say the invisible rope is just harmless fun, and if anyone over reacts it's their own fault. This type of thinking is the first tell-tale sign you've gone too far. Get a copy of Grand Theft Auto or something and take out your destructive fetish in the virtual world. Get a hobby, get a life, just don't get an idea to use an invisible rope to fill your days of boredom this summer. The PSA is now over, to the footage!

 Video content: How to do an invisible rope trick!

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