Porsche replica jalopy made of tin foil

In the world of exotics and supercars, the typical battle is to see who is the fastest, most powerful, and best looking. With modern green movements, there is a new race to supremacy of minimizing each vehicles carbon footprint. We've seen human powered cars before, but nothing in appearance of the Ferdinand GT3 RS. Made of extremely light weight materials for a total of just under 220 pounds. This is a very unique vehicle geared towards capturing the sports car crowd and pleasing even the most strict of greenies.
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The feature I like about this vehicle is the stated functional wing. Creating down force at speeds over 5 miles per hour, test drivers state it gives an increased feel of traction at higher speeds. I don't know how fast this thing could possibly go, but I'm sure it's not going to set any land speed records thus requiring that additional down force. It's shiny exterior and fast design resembling the Porsche GT3 RS will be quick to turn heads, to say the least.

Is this a legit vehicle or a total joke? It's hard to tell. Everything seems fine to me except the bit about the rear wing. Do you really need down force on human powered machine? A wing on this car is not rice, this is schnitzel. Some of the designs that come out of Europe are amazing, and some are lame. I'm still not quite sure where this one falls in place. What do you think? Is this European garbage or gold? Either side of the fence you perch, we all can agree that the ingenuity and creative spirit needed to produce a vehicle like this is truly astounding. I say job well done, if this is real.

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