Hydrogen peroxide powered cars are insanely fast!

That stuff sitting under your sink in the bathroom that is used to clean wounds and dye hair just found a new use; powering your engine! There is a new type of motor out there called a h2o2 engine which is powered by hydrogen peroxide and the exhaust is completely clean. The hydrogen peroxide powered vehicle emits zero pollution because what is produced as a result of running the engine is only water and oxygen! Move over hydrogen, hybrid, smelly algae, and electric vehicles because there is a new alternative fuel in town! Let me introduce you to hydrogen peroxide powered drag racing vehicles.

Video content: hydrogen peroxide powered water rocket car

Using hydrogen peroxide to power rockets and submarines has been going on since WWII, but using this technology in vehicles is relatively a new concept. H2o2 is the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is nothing more than water with an extra oxygen molecule attached to each atom. When you separate this atom, an extreme amount of energy is displaced resulting in byproducts of oxygen, water, and heat up to 600 degrees Celsius!

The following footage shows a h2o2 powered rocket car emitting only by products of steam, water, and oxygen! It is awesome to see how fast it launches when the full amount of thrust kicks in running quarter mile speeds up to 450 miles per hour! In a whoosh of water and high pressurized air, the h2o2 car is rocketed off down the drag strip. Awesome! Keep an eye on the drag strip near you, this new h2o2 technology is quickly catching on. Water powered drag cars for the win!

Video content: h2o2 rocket propelled vehicle drag racing

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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