Stretch Ferrari F360 limousine

Yes, it is real! Not a real Ferrari, but a real limousine made from a destroyed Ferrari. The world record contender Ferrari F360 stretch limousine is spied in the following YouTube video and illustrates just how creative the avid sports car enthusiast can be. The owner simply refuses to ride in anything but a fast vehicle, and for long road trips and business meetings the Ferrari F360 limousine is perfect! Built on the real F360 chassis, the process to build this vehicle is not for the avid Ferrari lover. It must first be destroyed to be stretched, watch the video below about building the world record contending stretch Ferrari F360!

Video content: building the Ferrari limousines

Cutting the original chassis in half and extending the frame work via longitudinal beams just like other limousine vehicles, the original F360 was destroyed. That's one less real Ferrari on the streets of the world. The limousines feature everything a Ferrari enthusiast looks for in a vehicle, but much more! The handling capability is still there, as this is the fastest and best handling limousine service in the world! The Ferrari limousines are produced in the United Kingdom, check out their website at !

This excellent engineering example does not cut any corners, and still features the original F360 engine. It is strong enough to push the weight of the upgraded layout, but yet small enough to not take up much room or consume huge amounts of gasoline when compared to the original. The great heritage of Ferrari is shown through out this unofficial limo. If you want the best limo in the world, you will have to go to England! These Ferrari's aren't even for sale, and are only servicing the United Kingdom as of now. To date, it is the most technologically advanced limousine in the world and will be soon entered into the Guinness book of world records.

Video content: Ferrari F360 limousine

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