FAIL: Nissan GT-R crashes into water

Crashing into a soggy ditch, this GT-R has surely met its maker. How many times must we see supercars treated with such ill regard towards the automotive culture? Sliding off the road into a watery grave, this poor GT-R deserved so much better. Covered in muck, sludge, and everything else swampy - is this the right ending for such an epic vehicle? I think not!

So what will happen to this car? If the owner was smart enough to kill the motor before jumping into the drink, the motor might be salvageable. Chances are he didn't, and that hydro-lock has fully set in. Once a motor is saturated with water, all of the oil is washed clean of the cylinder walls resulting in an epic FAIL the next time it is to be started. So what is the cure?

To fix this GT-R, it will take thousands upon thousands of dollars. The engine will have to be completely torn apart and rebuilt. The interior will need to be gutted, rigorously cleaned, and mostly replaced. Any fabric still left will be tainted by smells of the swamp thus resulting in a complete loss. If this was your GT-R, what would you do with it? It sure would make a nice yard ornament!

Video content: Nissan GT-R crashes into water

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