Why do girls like fast cars?

What does owning one of the fastest tuner cars in the world get you? Speeding tickets, expensive gasoline prices, and oh yeah; chicks! Why though? What is it about a fast car that will land even the dorkiest dudes some of the hottest girls. I'll let you in on a secret, are you ready? Girls like guys who are powerful, and that goes for their rides too.

For science sake, lets say two guys pull up to a car meet in two completely different cars. One guy is driving a beat up POS and the other is driving a 1000 horsepower beast such as the Supra shown below. Which one do you think the girls will choose? Some whack emo chicks might pick the POS just because it isn't the "norm". Who wants those girls anyways? They're muff garbage. The hot ones will always go for the high horsepower rides. I like to call this the HP-factor.

What if we have a car with enormous amounts of horsepower, but it looks like complete ass on the outside? This is where the HP-factor becomes quite confusing. Girls probably won't like it and you'll end up spending many late nights "surfing" the internet. At the end of the day, girls will always choose the "knight in shining armor" over the peasant out in the potato field. Why? If a guy can afford to build a bad ass car, whether it be fast or expensive, he can probably afford to support her and any children that may follow. Money is power, and power equals the ability to raise a family, satisfying nature's most primordial needs. Yes that's right, if you drive a big power car you can probably put food on the table and girls dig that. Am I wrong ladies? Comment below why you like guys who drive fast cars.

Video content: Hot chicks like to ride in fast cars!

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  1. “Speed leads to testosterone, and testosterone leads to pheromones. On the genetic level, it would appear that women are more attracted to men who drive fast cars.” http://hormonenetwork.com/why-girls-like-guys-that-drive-fast-cars/

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