Toyota Supra 'pwns Lamborghini LP640

The previous time we visited the Green Beast Toyota Supra with 1000 horsepower, we saw the video of the dyno and it racing against the Lamborghini from the Lambo's point of view. We couldn't hear everything going on in the Supra during this run from that viewpoint! Watching the video again from another angle, we can hear just how powerful the Supra really is. Running enormous amounts of boost, this Supra really is a Green Beast! If you haven't seen part one of this series, check it out now.

The Green Beast Supra is of legendary status on the internet today. Disruption of exotic style by pure destruction of Italy's finest, the Supra dominates over all vehicles. Properly modified with a huge turbo, upgraded fuel system, rebuilt internals, and other supporting mods the Toyota Supra is considered by some to be the best sports car ever built. They come with a stock Getrag transmission that is capable of handling major amounts of power and abuse! Most Toyota Supra's that are modified leave the transmission alone, because it's that strong. This is an example of JDM supremacy over even the most expensive and renown exotics!

While watching the video, pay special attention to the turbo lag. Turbo lag is one of the biggest issues with running a large turbo to generate big numbers. The power doesn't really kick in until a couple of seconds after the throttle is opened up. This could be solved by running a twin charged system. Twin charged systems make use of a supercharger and a turbocharger to eliminate lag for the turbo, and high RPM fade for the supercharger. Making the best of both worlds, imagine what this Supra could achieve by running a twincharged system. Check out a twincharged Nissan GT-R! 

Video content: 1000 horsepower Supra 'Green Beast" part two

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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