Night touge battle: Evo X vs. Jetta MK3

This is one serious touge battle between the Mitsubishi Evo X and the Volkswagen Jetta mk3. Happy Halloween, consider this a scary sports car article. I promise this will leave your heart pounding and palms sweating if you are really into performance touge. Both vehicles have been tuned and setup for this amazing night time touge battle. Which one is the victor? The Jetta keeps a good lead most of the time, but by watching the footage you can clearly see Evo X wins the competition. If the Jetta was not in front of the Evo, the Evo surely would have had a better touge time. Ripping through the closed road at night, both vehicles push both mechanical and driver aspects to the limit. What is touge? Learn more here.

A couple of turns through this touge battle it appears as if the Jetta may go off the cliff and lose permanently. However, thanks to a quick reacting driver and optimal performance modifications, the Volkswagen is able to keep control and just slide through the corners. The Evo X remains sure footed as a mountain goat the entire time during the battle! Watching this footage below, it is sure to activate adrenal glands and increase your heart rate as these touge battle professionals tackle extreme speeds through the gorge. If this moves your heart rate, forward it to your friends and spread the love! This is performed on a closed course and is a sanctioned touge event!

Video content: Touge battle Evo x vs Jetta mk3

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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