Nissan GT-R hits 186 mph on highway

It's so fast even an HD camera can't catch it! The Nissan GT-R Switzer P800 is an extremely capable JDM vehicle. Appropriately named Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R in stock form dominates nearly all competition. All-wheel drive, 3.8 liter V6, and a set of twin turbo's propels the vehicle into orbit in mind blowing times. Corners, straights, anything you throw at the Nissan GT-R it will kill. This is stock! Now take this vehicle with some performance upgrades and a tune, and you're sitting on a monster.

The Nissan GT-R Switzer P800 can launch from zero to one hundred and eight six miles per hour in only 19 seconds! It gets better too with a zero to sixty two miles per hour rocket in only 2.9 seconds! All-wheel drive domination combined with a highly engineered JDM twin turbo powered engine is a deadly setup for any avid racer. Look out high dollar exotics, there is a new king in town. Welcome to JDM dominance via Nissan GT-R Switzer P800. Drivers beware.

Video content: Nissan GT-R 186 mph in 19 seconds

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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