Corvette Z06 loses control at 205 mph

A C6 Corvette Z06 attempts a top speed run and spins out at 205 mph! Running amateur style on the Salt Flats, the Corvette Z06 is an extremely stable vehicle. Capable of spinning out at 205 mph with out flipping or damaging itself, the Z06 is a true racing performance vehicle. The video below shows the footage taken before, during, and after the run.

The result is a salt covered Z06 and an amazing video posted on YouTube! The extremely low center of gravity is playing a huge roll in the occupants health during this spin out. At speeds around 200 mph, the force emitted to the flip the vehicle over would be astronomical if the COG was not low. Everything in the vehicle is catered towards a low center of gravity and improved handling. The drive shaft, engine, suspension components, and rear mounted transmission all play a roll in the vehicles success during this amazing run.

Thanks to an outstanding design by General Motors, the C6 Corvette Z06 features a COG that is only inches above the ground. You may feel like your buttocks is riding directly on the road; that's because it is! Take a good look at the Z06 next time you are around one and you will see just exactly how low the COG really is. As the driver builds up speed in this video, pay special attention to how quickly the vehicle slows down from 200+ mph! Great job General Motors for designing a vehicle that can take brutal punishment from one of the most dastardly elements metal has ever met; salt.

Video content: Corvette Z06 max speed spin out

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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