Ken Block's Concord Pond run

Ken Block has entered the world of WRC by storm with a flock of fans and the support of Subaru, Monster, and DC Shoes. Ripping through the tree studded paths of Concord Pond, Ken Block shows his skills as a driver by navigating the corners tightly and mastering the jumps with ease. The multi-surface terrain can be hard to judge at times as the surface goes from slip to grip when transitioning between pavement and gravel. This tough terrain is not enough to slow down the famous driver Ken Block! Perfect navigation, excellent style, and swift speed make this Concord Pond run an amazing on-board clip. Riding along through the entire course from stage to finish, you can get a good idea of what it is like to ride inside a rally car. The speeds averaged sixty to ninety miles per hour through out this course of curves, gravel, jumps, and broken asphalt. Not a bad speed at all!

These are real roads that are converted into a race track for the rally drivers. Pay special attention to how Ken Block navigates a corner that leads into a jump. Flawlessly assuming the proper launch position and compressing the shocks, a perfect jump and land with swift reaction is how he flies through the Concord Pond course. Bravo Ken Block, you sir know how to rally.

Video content: Ken Block at Concord Pond on-board footage

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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