Toyota Prius with NOS by Top Secret

The Toyota Prius built by Top Secret's Smoky Nagata is the leading icon of green ideology meeting the performance minded enthusiast. By combining hybrid drive with a modified engine, Top Secret has found a way to bring the spirit of high performance to the world of green conservation. Still achieving excellent gas mileage, the Top Secret Toyota Prius is the first of many modified hybrids of the new energy conserving movement. By making use of nitrous oxide fogger systems, modified intake, performance suspension, and other modifications allows this Prius by Top Secret to satisfy all needs of the modern world.

This is a new turn for Top Secret and Smoky Nagata, who is used to building gas guzzling super performance cars that rip through the Wangan at mind blowing speeds. Some of his creations include the V12 Supra, V35GT-R Skyline, and various police chases around the world. Smoky is putting his skills towards the greater good for the world and building the Toyota Prius into an affordable and stylish performance alternative with a slight street racing appeal. Aerodynamics, wheels, suspension, exhaust, and intake components are all being sold under Top Secret's Japan distribution point.

Going green doesn't always mean we have to go slow. The new Prius by Top Secret defines how the world of speed can be combined with the world of green. Stylish in appearance and savvy for energy conservation, the Top Secret Toyota Prius makes a broad statement to the world. It is still possible to have a performance vehicle that gets great gas mileage! Just because the world is converting to smaller, economic hybrid drive vehicles doesn't indicate that modified performance is dead. As performance builders, we can look to Smoky Nagata to lead us into the green revolution. Great job Smoky!

Video content: Top Secret Toyota Prius

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