Impreza races quad through corn field

Racing a quad through a cornfield, the Subaru Impreza wagon highlights the all-wheel drive and boxer engine at it's finest. These machines are meant for more than just roads, take them off road and let them come alive. You'd be surprised to know that WOT in terrain as loose as Florida's "sugar sand" can still plant you in your seat. Beyond gripping acceleration and handling performance, the Impreza can can be easily modified into a full off road beast to replicate the qualities found with a WRC version. This Subaru Impreza however, is only slightly modified but yet still manages to escape the quad. That is awesome performance for such a small engine. Discuss this article with

This isn't the first time a Subaru has seen dirt, and it won't be the last. Taking a Subaru off road and into the wild has always been a hobby of many. Just like the Jeep clubs, Subaru's have off road clubs as well. Mainly located in the north east and west coast of the United States, the following are some of the best sites to find the off road Subaru nation: NASIOC, DirtyImpreza, ClubWRX, and IWSTI are among the top sources. Additionally, a more focused group for all models that likes to go off road like would be a great place to find specific technical advice about various off road topics.

This Impreza is constantly loosing the quad. Of course a car racing a quad isn't exactly a great comparison, but off road in loose field terrain it's impressive. Digging through the corners and launching, the wagon quickly looses the four wheeler. Just when you think the race is over, the Subaru ducks off through some obstacles for the win. This is a great clip, it really shows the agility of even an older Subaru. Imagine what the new ones are like!

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