Roided-out '69 Mustang owner goes crazy!

A video titled "Redneck with a '69 Mustang" is a great tribute to classic American sports car literature. The guy who is doing the driving is making full use of his modified '69 Mustang. Not only does he talk the talk, he gets out and beats himself in the head with a shovel to walk the walk. Not stopping at just one swipe, this guy literally beats the crap out of himself after ripping up the parking lot with his Mustang. He looks pretty 'roided out so chances are he didn't feel a thing.

Dudes like this guy are great, they are the foundation of what it is to be American. Total disrespect for authority mixed with a 1980's workout video is what brought this video to it's platform. This isn't just a video, this is culture people! Can it really get any better than a muscle stuck in the 80's? The answer is no, it simply can't occur. The fast paced days of the 1980's have come and gone but still live on in the spirit of many. Sure we can't bring back the vibe of the 80's, but we sure can admire it's traits.

Mullets, Mustangs, and now self mutilation with backyard landscaping equipment; where does it stop? I want to see someone take a fully built vehicle, do some major tire roasting, and then take a baseball bat and beat the crap out of their own car. Doesn't that sound entertaining? It's one thing to beat yourself in the head because you'll heal, but to take out your pride and joy is where men are separated from mice.

Whether you beat yourself on the head with a shovel, or beat the crap out of your car, violence has historically been a key ingredient in entertainment. I think it's great this guy can take a shovel to the head like that, amazing. He's also a pretty good driver. Sounds like he pretty much drifted the entire warehouse! Not to bad considering the issue with shovels. Enjoy the following pilot film for man vs shovel, it's a hoot.

Video content: Roided-out '69 Mustang owner goes crazy!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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