Lithuanian street racing!

Street racing in Lithuania is a very popular hobby despite illegal and sometimes fatal consequences. The long straights of Lithuanian highways coupled with a modified Ford Escort RS2000 can only lead to a long battle for top speed domination. The rally grade 2.0 liter Pinto engine can handle high RPM loads for long periods of time. Racing in at 133 mph, this isn't exactly "fast" but it's not exactly slow either. It may be slower, but think about it like this; how long is this guy driving at speeds in excess of the speed limit? His speedometer is just creeping along, he's covering some major distance at moderately fast speeds. This first clip of Lithuanian street racing shows just how crazy people can get, and how far some folks will push it to get that top speed fix!

The first video takes place in Vlinius, Lithuania and features a BMW E30 doing some drifting and raising hell during the middle of a cold night. Vlinius is the capital of Lithuania, and despite the presence of government the anarchy and chaos continues. Drifting roundabouts is something we all dream of, but few dare attempt. Roundabouts are a dangerous place to drive normal let alone street race, but they sure do look fun! This BMW E30 shows us just how much fun it would be to drift a roundabout. In Lithuania, it looks like they know how to have fun with their roads!

Video content: Lithuanian street racing video #1

The second Lithuanian street racing film is a combination piece that brings together the entire scene. All ranges of machines from Escorts, motorcycles, and even top dollar luxury exotics being used and abused in the Lithuanian street racing scene. The lack of tracks in Lithuania has put many street racers back out on the roads. Autocross events, drag strips, and other racing nomenclature all help lower the street racing rates.

Video content: Lithuanian street racing video #2

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