Lamborghini fires on I-95 becoming common

If you own a Lamborghini, you better stay away from I-95 this year. For some strange reason, two Lamborghini fires have been reported on I-95 within the past month. The first was either a replica or a Lamborghini Countach. Many replica kits are sold today convert Feiros into Lamborghini's. Unfortunately, Fieros had problems with catching fire, and thus a possibility to the first so called, "Lamborghini fire". If it was a real Countach, then here's strike one.

Video content: Lamborghini burns on I-95 May 21, 2010

The second video was just reported on YouTube, but it's impossible to tell what the car is. Could it be a Lamborghini? We really don't know. It's probably nothing more than a random car on fire claimed to be a Lamborghini. But, none the less we must show it below. It very well could be, and if it is then what could have caused the fire?

Enough is enough, how many Lamborghini exotic stallions must fall? Is there a whole fleet of pyro super gnomes taking over the world? Only time will tell. Here's two on this article, and one more here. That's three recent events of Lamborghini carnage. After watching all this Italian cooking, I'm going to get some Olive Garden. I say cheers to the crispy Countach and the marinated mystery fire. To this I leave you with the famous quote, "We don't need no water, let the Lamborghini burn. Burn Lamborghini ~ BURN!"

Video content: Lamborghini on fire in Miami, I-95

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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