Jet powered Rascal hits 47 mph!

It's time to get a little wacky and spice things up. What appears to be a "Rascal" can do more than just traverse grassland yards and travel to the Grand Canyon. Now they are jet powered! Reaching a top speed of just under 50 mph, the jet powered mobility car is a sign of pure engineering genius. Making use of a backyard jet kit that uses a turbocharger and propane, the car is pushed quickly to the speeds beyond belief. This mobility car amateur isn't stock either, it was modified for high speed with better suspension, axles, tires, and some hot red paint! Before we check out the video of this car, let's learn how a backyard turbo is made.

How a backyard turbo works

As you see in the video above, building a "backyard" turbojet is not as hard as it first seems. All the parts are readily available and the cost of the total project can be under $1,000. Now putting that jet to practical use and installing it on a vehicle is a whole other project. Finding the appropriate chassis to support the stress caused by the various sized turbojets can be a tough thing to do. For smaller "turbo" jet applications, the mobility car, scooter, and golf cart are great starters. If you want to use a full sized jet, the mini-van or truck is probably your best move. Discuss this article with

When building these crazy toys, it's best to take safety as a number one priority. You are dealing with hypersonic turbines traveling at over 120,000 RPM, 500 degree oils, and explosive gases. The amount of pressure created is also enough to explode the housing of the turbo and can easily result in death.  Sure a jet powered mobility car sounds fun, but it's only for the most hardcore adrenaline junkies. When you sports car quits giving you a rush, it's time to move on to jet powering various vehicles!

 Video content: Jet powered mobility car

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