Tesla Roadster hoons out in parking lot

The Tesla Roadster is an electric vehicle with tons of instant torque. Torque is what gives vehicles the ability to burn the tires, and the Tesla Roadster can really lay rubber. Some rumors have been floating around that electric cars can't do burnouts. Well, that is totally false! It might not be a real sports car, but it sure can lay rubber. There isn't any videos on the web except one of a Tesla Roadster performing a burnout. However, even one video is proof enough that the Tesla can burn tires!

The Tesla Roadster is America's hottest EV. Dodge has one too, and it's called the Circuit. The Dodge Circuit made a big wave in the EV world with it's announcements earlier this year, but with the cutbacks at Chrysler who knows what's going to happen to the Circuit. Will it make it to production? Maybe. Until then, we have the Tesla Roadster which is available for purchase and has been for some time. Sports car enthusiasts all over the world are converting to the Tesla for many reasons, but some are disappointed with Tesla's lack of top speed dominance.

If you had any question about the Tesla's abilities, this burnout video should end all arguments. It might be able to do a good burnout, but it miserably fails at top speed. Check out this top speed comparison review.

Video content: Tesla Roadster burnout video

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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