'Saucy Posse' tandem Honda night touge

Touge is a race that takes place between two vehicles through a mountain pass road. Typically, the touge is raced during the day. However, this Honda battle between a EK and EG takes place at night. Battling down a closed road, the twists and turns of the night create an unpredictable course leading to extreme amounts of adrenaline. The ultimate in touge, racing at night brings the unknown of the darkness into the race as a third competitor. Not many have the will power to touge during daylight, and even fewer have the gusto to attempt a night time touge. Welcome to the next level of racing, let me introduce you to night touge.

The vehicles used in this night time touge are far from stock. The front car is a 1999 Honda EK with a JDM B16B engine, custom cams, high flow intake, type R four to one header, and full exhaust system. Other mods may possible include suspension, brake, and wheel upgrades. The chase vehicle is a 1992 Honda EG with a JDM B16A engine, full racing intake, type R four to one header, and full exhaust system. This vehicle also features suspension upgrades and mods such as Hankook Z212 RS-2 tires and custom rims. These are two high performance JDM monsters waiting to be unleashed upon the mountain road.

This style of touge racing is very intense. It's best to have ran the course ahead of time so that you can understand the layout and predict the corners. It's all about memorization, or extremely fast reflexes. One wrong move could send you flying off the cliff into a fatal crash. The night touge crew illustrated in the following clip is "Saucy Posse". Saucy Posse is a group of racers that host a variety of night time touge battles. Another great night time touge is an Evo X vs Jetta MK3. Overall, night time touge is one of the most extreme forms of racing out there, viewer beware. This following clip may be too intense, and is suggested only for the most hardcore adrenaline junkies. Enjoy!

Video content: Night touge: Honda Battle

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