Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution runs 8 second quarter mile!

Running an eight second quarter mile time is no easy task. The STM Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution makes this extraordinary feat look so simple. By using the Lancer's all-wheel drive system combined with drag radials and extensive tuning, an Evo can easily achieve a ten second quarter mile. To bring it into the eights, that takes engineering. Weight reduction, increased bore and stroke, high amounts of boost from an upgraded turbocharger, and a high flow fuel system is just the beginning. Once all the parts are installed, it takes a master tuner to be able to run the system with out entering self destruction mode. At these boost levels, detonation can occur quickly and blow the engine before installed safety measures can stop it.

This Evo comes fully equipped! Even a parachute is used to help slow it down. When you run the quarter mile at 164 miles per hour, you need more than just brakes to slow you down. Sure you could use the brakes from an upgraded brake system, but you would be wearing it down very quickly. This raises the cost of each quarter mile run and thus a parachute system is needed. You know your car is fast when it's time to get a parachute.

We've only scratched the surface of what it takes to run an eight second quarter mile, there is countless modifications and hundreds of garage hours built into this vehicle in order to make it that fast. Remember, it's not fast unless it's running on the brink of destruction! Typically larger V8 engines run this kind of quarter mile time, so that Evo must be pushing something serious. Enjoy the following footage of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution running an 8 second quarter mile. Hold on to your mouse!

Video content: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution runs 8 second quarter mile

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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