Kanjo street racing is very dangerous!

A pack of Honda Civic street racers have been invading the Kanjo freeway system in Japan for nearly 20 years. The Kanjo racers are a group of highly skilled Honda drivers and tuners that dominate the freeway from time to time. According to various forums, the Kanjo teams are border line insane but fully talented in their craft. This has been going on for a while and the people that drive on the Kanjo already expect this type of activity, reducing accidents. Do not try this anywhere.

What is Kanjo? Kanjo is a circular freeway system similar to how we have detours in the USA such that use 2 or 4 in front of the main road; example: I-275 for I-75. Many cities in the USA also host these types of events however, the Kanjo freeway is much more crowded than typical bypass systems state side. The corners are much sharper, and the blind spots are worse due to the tall trucks using the roadway as well. There is also toll booths, which create more confusion and difficulty for the racers. Kanjo racing is intense and ridiculously dangerous! Kanjo's are everywhere in the United States.

This type of crazy street racing goes on everywhere, it's not just Kanjo that participates in this insane style racing. America hosts thousands of street racing matches that go unseen for fear of prosecution. I can't find any footage on the major video hosting sites to show! It's safe to assume any Kanjo footage is directly used as evidence. USA's national traffic camera database has picked up some interesting footage as well, but there is nothing publicly hosted to show.

Video content: highway racing

The Kanjo are very talented and perform amazing stunts with a Honda but do it in a fashion that is dangerous to innocents. Do you want to stunt drive? Learn how to stunt drive here! Stunt driving should be done the right way, on a closed course and never on open interstates like what is seen in Kanjo street racing.

Warning: This extreme street racing footage may be too much for some viewers. Please buckle your seat belt and hold on to your mouse!

Video content: Kanjo street racing Honda Civics invade!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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