One wheel peel by Honda owner in drive thru

We've all visited the drive thru at least once, twice, or maybe a couple of hundred times. If you've ever thought about playing a prank at the drive thru, let this Honda Civic burnout be a guide to pure vehicular mischief. The scene starts out by a modified Civic pulling up to the speaker at Wendy's, little do they know all chaos is about to break loose. "Welcome to Wendy's, can I take your order?" Immediately after the introduction, the Honda let's her rip! With an ear full of Honda exhaust, the drive thru prank has commenced. But he doesn't stop there, he let's the burnout roll through the entire drive thru!

To most people, there is nothing more annoying than a Honda Civic with a fart can. The loud whine of the VTEC engine can sound like pure pleasure to some, while others find it horribly annoying. Depending on which side of the fence the drive thru attendant sits during this drive thru prank, he or she either loved or hated this staged folly. If I was working the window, I would be cheering him on. "Dude you rock! Thanks for bringing the drag strip to my lame window drive thru job."

Beyond the obvious destruction of property, reckless driving, and countless emissions and sound violations this is a pretty basic stunt that could have turned ugly; but didn't. Sure there is a million negative things we can all complain about this video, but for the next seventeen seconds just think like a teenager. Is this not the best prank ever? There is a lot worse things they could be doing, but these guys chose to do a drive thru prank with a simple burnout. Very funny!

Video content: Drive thru prank by burnout

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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