Lamborghini Reventon roadster replica supercar!

A company named Super Replicas is making revolutionary quality replica cars is quickly gaining attention all over the world with the Lamborghini Reventon roadster replica. It's shape and form is very close to the original vehicle allows you to own the same but for less. Most replica Lamborghini and Ferrari vehicle from the 1990's left a bad taste for the replica name. Now thanks to Super Replicas, replica car quality has increased due to advances in production technology.

Check out the Ferrari SR replica!

Thanks to modern design technology and engineering, SR is able to reproduce down to an almost perfected tolerance. There is no angle, size, or design feature that is overlooked or forgotten! What I find most interesting about the SR replica vehicles is that they keep a high quality interior that you would expect to see. The same functions and features you find in the authentic version can be found within the SR replica. Overall, I find it hard to believe these cars really are replicas! Are these cars for real? Show us more please!

Video content: Lamborghini Reventon roadster replica supercar!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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