Mazda Miata flips over at high speed!

While racing, a fully built Mazda Miata flipped and wrecked during a high speed lap.The driver survived and is okay thanks to the Miata special design. This clip really gets you into the action of the flip, and is recorded from start to finish. While the Miata was still on the track, the driver was doing a decent job of keeping speeds high through corners. The last corner got messy, and ended up slinging the car into the ditch. Racing is like rolling the dice, you never know what's going to happen. Discuss this article with

The Miata has a rich track heritage and is known to be one of the best at autocross events held around the country. It's low profile design weight distribution make it an ideal vehicle for track performance. The Mazda Miata and Toyota MR2 are both vehicles that do extremely well for their class. Even though they have small engines, they can be turbocharged to create big power. It's amazing what all can be done to the Miata. Unfortunately, no matter how much you practice if you race you might lose the car. This wreck footage is very detailed and gives a great effect of what it's really like to be in a roll over.

Video content: Mazda Miata flips at high speed

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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