Street racing FAIL: Honda CRX crashes on overpass

The Honda CRX is a popular vehicle street racing, and in this freeway crash it's directly related. Rarely does a show off accident get caught on tape, but just our luck we get to see the show boating CRX spill out on a freeway exit ramp. Going too fast through the corner, the short wheel base gave way and the car slid out of control. Over correcting, the driver drifts right into the side of the overpass barrier. Dangling only inches and a few pounds away from spilling back on to the freeway, the CRX stands still. The camera men pass only to ask if the incident was caught on tape. Discuss this article with

I hate to say it, but that's what he gets for going too fast through an exit ramp. There is a reason a yellow speed limit sign has a suggested limit! The curves of the exit ramps change trajectory and camber with out warning, and even at the suggested speed can pull some serious g's. This CRX just didn't have the wheel base to stay straight through the corner. The CRX makes a great performance vehicle for running in straight lines, but in corners it lacks the basic chassis design to succeed. Sraight lines yes, curves no. This CRX fails in so many ways.

Video content: Honda CRX crashes on overpass

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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