Porsche 944 goes up in flames!

The Porsche 944 was a great chassis and high performance vehicle. They handled exceptionally well, but didn't have the gut wrenching torque of modern Porsche super cars. Overall, it was a great design but lacked the ability to properly cool the engine. Most owners of this series of Porsche will agree that an upgraded cooling system from stock was direly needed if not required. Caught on the side of the road, a Porsche 944 was recorded while engulfed in flames. So what exactly happened here?

There are many variables that can lead to an engine fire, and the manufacturer isn't always responsible. There is no information about the circumstance available, so all we can do is speculate. I would speculate that the inadequate cooling system wasn't able to keep up with a heavy footed driver. These cars are known for catching on fire if driven too hard, and it's up to the driver to watch the gauges. It's not an entirely uncommon scene to see a Porsche from this era catch on fire. Anyone up for a S'more?

Video content: Porsche 944 on fire

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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