Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII wrecked while drifting

A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII was wrecked during a drift session and will never see track time again. Completely totaled, flipped, and destroyed the Evo now sits in a junk yard somewhere or is possibly recycled into a pop can. The thrill of drifting is fun but can sometimes be dangerous. Drifting vehicles are setup to be wrecked and the drivers know it's a possibility. You can't drive sideways and not expect to wreck eventually! Drifting is a dangerous yet exciting sport that is quickly spreading through out the automotive world. Unfortunately, every coin has a flip side; it's not all fun and glory during a drift session.

Watching the footage you can see the Evo VII having fun with other cars as they traverse the track in typical race style. The Evo decides to show off and start drifting during this open track session leading to catastrophic failure! One wrong corner, and it's all over. All-wheel drive vehicles are difficult to drift and require that the drivers push the limit in order to induce the sideways pleasure. The problem with drifting an all-wheel drive vehicle is that pushing it to the limit either means success or a failure typical to what occurred here.

Entering the corner with out the proper trajectory, shifted vehicular weight and speed the Evo VII basically nose plows into the grass. Once the vehicle hit the grass, the tire dug into the terrain and that's when a fun day turned sour. Launching the vehicle from it's new found grip, the Evo VII flips and turns destroying the chassis. Luckily, the driver wasn't hurt badly and came out with only bumps and bruises from this crash. Had this have happened on a public road, who knows what the outcome may have been! One more reason to keep it on the track and off public roadways.

Video content: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII wrecked during drift session

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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