Onboard footage of Corvette GT2 at Laguna

The Corvette GT2 is one nasty car of speed, handling, and performance. All sports car fans would love to ride in this car for just one lap, now you can! The following on board footage shows us what it is like to ride inside the Corvette GT2 around one lap of Laguna. During the LG Motorsports event, a qualifying lap was recorded for our viewing pleasure! Enjoy the savory sounds of high priced performance that only a Corvette GT2 can provide.

A completely stock Corvette C6 is an amazing performance vehicle. Imagine that same vehicle with over $100,000 invested and hundreds of wrench hours! A performance beast lurking within, the Corvette GT2 is one of the most mechanically amazing vehicles on the face of the planet. No matter what corner of the world, the GT2 is always recognized for it's speed, handling precision, and intestinal churning performance!

Notice how well the Corvette GT2 handles through the corners. It is geared perfectly for this race, bouncing back to optimal RPM for launching out of the corners. A quick lap around in this car, and you might loose your lunch. That's because it can pull you out of a corner back to racing speed in the blink of an eye! The Corvette GT2 is an amazing performance machine and deserves the highest of honors. Enjoy this free ride on the wild side, hang on to your mouse!

Video content: Ride inside Corvette GT2 at Laguna

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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