Nissan GT-R R34, Silvia S14, and Supra throwdown in a German tunnel

Playing in a tunnel with some of JDM's finest performance vehicles is an auditory treat of mechanical perfection. Blow off valves, afterfire, and the honing whine of the highest power per liter vehicles on the face of the planet can send a JDM fan into jubilation. These guys know what they've got, and they are using it to the fullest. Doing quick pulls, boosts, and brief runs, it's all caught on tape for our viewing pleasure. This footage might seem lame to some, but to a JDM fan this is the holy grail.

I love nothing more than to hear a well tuned BOV chirp off at the close of the throttle. Even though these might be considered "noise makers" to the JDM challenged, the BOV serves both purpose and entertainment values. It's sole purpose is to relieve the back pressure on the boosted pipes so that when the throttle closes the pressure has another place to go except back into the turbo. If the boost would travel back into the turbo, it would slow down the spool. The last thing we want to do is slow down our spool!

JDM performance is full of unique modifications like the BOV. Another great modification that is packed full of fun and installation challenge is the wastegate. All turbos come with a wastegate; but what defines the men from boys is where this wastegate discharges it's sweet nectar. Pressurized exhaust gas trapped in the turbo manifold between the heads and turbo must go somewhere. Dumping either internally which is quiet and lame (legal), or externally which is loud and exciting (illegal) is decided by the level of performance the owner is seeking. No matter what kind of turbo you are running, you can run an external wastegate.

Readers challenge: Which of the following cars if any are running an external wastegate? Comment your answer below!

Video content: Tunnel fun with JDM's finest

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