Ten minutes of pure professional drifting!

Not all videos were created equally. Ten minutes worth of that pure drifting sound we all crave, can it possibly get any better? The following footage took place at Formula D round two, Road Atlanta 2010. Overall there was a good turnout of both spectators and performers. A couple highlights from the drift competition would be the few wrecks, and Tanner Foust's rear entry drift. Ignite Racing Fuel drifter Stephan Verdier gave us the inside view of his Formula D run courtesy GoPro HD. In vendor village, the Ignite Racing Fuel and Itzen Media booth was the main attraction as there was live models, Atlanta's top DJ, a herd of modified Lexus and Mitsubishi vehicles by Zen Motors, and Stephan Verdier signing Ignite shirts for the fans. Other vendors were seen with new products, rides, and more.

Ignite Racing Fuel is a new ethanol racing fuel that is totally green and 100% made in the USA. Farmed right from America's heartland, Ignite is stunning the world. Record breaking standing mile runs, drastic dyno improvements, and massive cooling effects have all surrounded the Ignite name. What's next for this superstar alternative racing fuel company? In a world quickly turning to green policy, the sky's the limit.

Overall Formula D's round two at Road Atlanta was a success. The crowd had a great time, the halftime show was spectacular, and the driving stunts and crashes we all crave were plentiful. There are several more events this year for Formula D. Stops throughout the east and west coast such as New Jersey, Montana, California, and Washington are all still left in the season. If you have never attended a professional drifting event, I highly recommend it. Bring a tent, a group of friends, and a camera because you never know what you'll see at Formula D.

Video content: Pure drifting sounds, ten minutes of drift

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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