Speediest roller-beast in the middle east!

Replicating the experience of driving a full blown Ferrari race car, the Formula Rossa located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai is going after the world record for fastest roller coaster. With a top speed of 240 km/h achieved in just under four seconds, Ferrari's theme park is making a bold statement to automotive enthusiasts and is going for the throat of holding the fastest roller coaster title. Holding up the tradition found in Ferrari as a car manufacturer, the theme park's main attraction is going to blast riders out of an air conditioned room and into the heat of Dubai. The overall goal of this roller coaster is to provide guests with the experience of driving a Ferrari race car. The turns, bends, and speed is all replicating the actual g-forces felt during a race, giving the utmost perfect replication of the Ferrari racing experience. It's about time someone made another "world's fastest roller coaster", and who would have guessed it was going to be Ferrari? Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

Everything has been replicated to create a true experience for riders of Formula Rossa. The cars used are nearly identical to the actual Ferrari race car, but have been modified to accommodate up to four guests per car instead of one driver. The wheels, color, front spoiler, rear wing, and all appropriate graphics have been created to make the vehicle feel like a real race car. Because the car is being used in a climate known for sand and dust storms, riders will be provided with skydiving goggles that protect the eye with out disrupting the field of vision and ruining the experience of riding on the fastest roller coaster in the world.

Overall, this ride looks very exciting and I'm personally looking forward to visiting the park. Will one of these Ferrari parks come to the USA? If the park in Dubai is profitable, there is an unofficial probability they will expand. The automotive market is failing, and Ferrari must diversify or become extinct. It looks like they are trying to build off the Ferrari name and enter the world of mass attraction entertainment. This coaster is cool, but the rest of the park is totally lame. Will it succeed? Only time will tell! Read the park review by clicking here.

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