Interviews with Subaru Formula D team at Road Atlanta

Ready for the ride of your life? Special thanks to Ignite Racing Fuel, Itzen Media, and Verdier Racing, we are given a front row seat inside of Stephan Verdier's Formula D Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Built like a rally car but adjusted for drift, this Subaru Impreza WRX STi is one mean setup. A quick interview with the crew chief and driver gives us the low down on how this car really works. Not many get a chance to see a vehicle of this magnitude up close, but lucky enough I was flown to Road Atlanta to cover this event. The first video below is of Stephan Verdier giving us a personal tour of his vehicle and commenting about running Ignite Racing Fuel. Discuss this article with

Video content: Stephan Verdier gives a tour of his Formula D drift Subaru

As you can see, this is no normal Subaru. With a setup similar to the WRC style Subaru, this is one mean Impreza! Ample modifications have been made, such as a stripped out chassis, WRC roll cage, an engine built by Crawford Performance, and a most interesting cooling setup. By placing the radiator in the back of the car, Verdier Racing is able to run cooler and generate more power from the reduction of heat soak. Sitting in the lines waiting to drift can build up an ample amount of heat soak. By placing the radiator at the rear, they not only combat heat soak but also generate much cooler running temperatures thanks to the rear window intake vents. Sliding sideways, the car doesn't get much air to the front of the vehicle; and thus the beauty of a rear placed radiator.

Beyond simply moving the radiator, much more cooling technology is going into the Verdier Racing Impreza. Using ethanol based Ignite Racing Fuel, Verdier Racing is also able to keep the car running cooler from inside the combustion chamber. Because ethanol requires more fuel be burnt, the cooling affect of the thermal transition between the fuel temperature and the engine temperature helps reduce heat soak once again. Not only does the fuel cool down the engine, it also makes more power. Read more about Ignite Racing fuel by clicking here. We've seen what the driver has to say about the car, now let's see what the crew chief says!

Video content: Stephan Verdier's crew chief gives a tour of the Formula D drift Subaru

Overall, the car is a very well built machine that makes both good use of stock and aftermarket parts. Subaru makes an amazing vehicle, and surprising to most is that a lot of OEM parts can be found on this vehicle. The front sway bar, coolant reservoir, intake manifold, and many other parts are still OEM even though this is a fully built rally car turned drifter. There is a reason people love Subaru, and it's not just a cool name or chic marketing; no, it's the quality of the vehicle combined with unique engineering. So how good can this vehicle possibly be? Well, we are lucky enough to get a GoPro HD on board and sit right there with Stephan as he drifts Road Atlanta. Enjoy the ride!

Video content: Ride inside Stephan Verdier's Subaru Impreza WRX STi

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