Ricer spills out at 100 mph!

Wrecking at 100 mph in any vehicle can turn deadly within a split second. The driver of this slightly modified Acura Integra has just felt the deadly rush of losing control at high speed. Sometimes you can recapture the control, and other times you can't. When entering a circumstance of lost control, the driver can typically tell immediately the outcome. There is a bond that a driver has with their vehicle, it's almost intimate. Upon lost control, one can hear the vehicle scream. You know instantly that you are about to lose it, and all you can do is just hold on and brace for impact. I've been there, you've been there; we both know the feeling.

There is a few things we can do to reduce the chance of a wreck occurring. The most important and obvious one is to simply drive smarter. This doesn't necessarily mean driving slower, but just using your brain to operate your foot within reason. Instead of taking corners as fast as you think you can go right from the start, take the corner over and over again slowly increasing speed each time. If you feel like your out of control, you're simply going too fast. Once that feeling of flustered stress hits, back off a bit you've reached your limit. Many times cars are wrecked because the driver is pushed beyond their limit, not the vehicles.

Driving smarter typically involves taking a race class. The driving school of Skip Barber is a great place to learn the driving styles of today's best race car drivers. Sitting in a track prepared Mazda Miata on an open course, drivers are given the experience needed to find their personal driving limit and extend it to the vehicles capabilities; safely. The keyword being safety! If you wreck on a track, typically minimal damage occurs and you live to see another day. If you wreck on the street, there's a good chance you'll kill yourself and take a few innocents with along the way. This is why I always say "keep it on the track", you never know when tragedy is going to occur! Watching this video, you can see had the street racer wrecked just a second later, a total mess would have happened as he would have encountered oncoming traffic instead of an open lane. Keep it on the track!

Video content: Acura Integra wrecks at 100 mph

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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