Aircraft landing on Autobahn raises questions

Who says a road without speed limits only pertains to vehicular use? During a NATO emergency exercise, several large aircraft were spotted landing on the straights of the Autobahn. Maybe this explains the "Autobahn ghost", which was thought to be an evil sock monkey who randomly attacked motorists. During an interview with one of the pilots, he states "aside from it being a little bit narrow, it's the same as any runway." That just goes to show you that an Autobahn in America isn't that bad of an idea.

The idea of an American Autobahn has been talked about for years, but for some "reason" the richest country in the world still can't seem to afford the rendering of a high speed travel gateway. Whether it be by high speed rail, or high speed vehicles, America needs a faster form of travel. It's my opinion that the way things are setup, the government makes too much money and should a faster "legal" form of transportation exist that lofty revenue might plummet.

Aside from the conspiracy theories, there are also many legit reasons why we don't have a USA Autobahn. For one, we must face the facts and admit that as Americans we suck at driving. The average American can't handle the slow paced Walmart parking lot let alone an interstate without speed limits. Not all of us are bad drivers, but most are. For one, most German vehicles don't come with cup holders because eating food isn't an accepted practice while driving. In the USA we are catered while we drive by the lavish luxuries of McDonalds, Burger King, and Big Gulp drinks. One thing I must say though, if we had an American Autobahn American's in general would eventually become better drivers; but that path to speed righteousness would be a deadly one.

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