Onboard footage of Ferrari F430 at VIR

The Bennett Racing Ferrari F430 is a nasty machine when allowed to fully open it's valves on the straights and corners of Virginia International Raceway. Fully built to tackle the Rolex 24, the Ferrari F430 by Bennet Racing is a hardcore performance machine. Digging into the corners with a throaty acceleration finish, the F430 performs exquisitely in the hands of Mike Skeen. We are lucky enough to get a free ride along video to watch as the F430 maliciously attacks the intense VIR.

The driver, Mike Skeen did an excellent job handling the Ferrari regardless of the rigorous tactics portrayed by VIR. According to MikeSkeen.com, Mike Skeen started out driving go karts. Moving up in the world from a go kart to a full blown performance Ferrari gives the driver a very broad perspective of motorsports. The digging performance and handling of go karts is similar to a Ferrari, and the driver's experience in karting shows forth. It's amazing how relative a simple sport like go karts can evolve into something magnificent.

The mechanical and driving experience of Bennett Racing is uncanny, keep an eye on them for time to come. The machine they have built is truly spectacular, and combining a great machine with a great rounded driver like Mike Skeen is a recipe for success. If this video is evidence of what is to come, I expect to see some poll positions in the near future. While watching this clip pay special attention to how the felt dash does not reflect in the windshield. Very cool!

Video content: Ferrari F430 races Virginia International Raceway

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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