Evo's like to play with clay too!

Sometimes, you just have to get'm dirty. There's a reason they came with all-wheel drive, and it's not just for mind blowing launches and superb wet road handling. In the following clip, we get to see an all-wheel drive system actually being used for it's true intention. The EVO X MR is one nasty street beast, but get it in the loose terrain and you'll see true beauty at hand. I personally do this with my Subaru WRX all the time, and I love every second of it! There is no feeling like sliding around in a rally car and having huge waves of sand and clay crash over the hood like a rouge wave hitting Poseidon. The rush of spontaneously pursuing dirty pleasure in your all-wheel drive is unlike any other experience on the planet!

So what is it that makes the Evo X and other all-wheel drive vehicles like the Impreza WRX so much fun to play in the sand? One might say it's the rally heritage combined with a turbocharged engine just waiting to be unleashed. Others might say it's a totally unique experience to take a car into lifted 4x4 truck territory. Getting back into the woods and passing monster trucks is totally awesome.

When driving an all-wheel drive vehicle on back country paths, the expression on the faces of 4x4 owners is timeless as you rip past them. Sure they might try and catch you, but good luck. There's a reason Subaru and Mitsubishi have won so many WRC races! We can hit 70 mph on a path that most trucks wouldn't dare attempt. We can take corners at 50 miles per hour and slide sideways using throttle to launch out of the corner and thus reach 80 mph almost instantly; trucks wouldn't dare. This is why AWD is so popular, and the EVO and Impreza chassis are quickly taking over. Enjoy this brief clip of a culture not found but only on the back roads of America.

Video content: Evo X plays in clay pit

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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