Owner of Porsche Cayenne goes postal on the interstate

The Porsche Cayenne is considered by most to posses sports car like performance within an SUV package. When Porsche built an SUV, they wanted to make the Porsche heritage of high performance and handling a priority. It is true the Cayenne handles well, but it is still an SUV. During a day drive of fun and speeding around, the driver's of this Porsche Cayenne pushed the limit too far. Speeding down the interstate through traffic, they roll the dice and fail. One lane change too late, and they are sitting in the back seat of an innocent bystander.

The latest release of high powered SUV's has created a new type of danger on the road. People drive these vehicles thinking they can handle like they perform, which is terribly wrong. They are fast and they do handle well for an SUV, but they are not safe for wild road usage as seen below. The problem with these vehicles is that they are still SUV's and retain that SUV center of gravity. They might be outfitted with high performance suspension and powerful engines, but they are not race cars.

That being said, the overall performance of this SUV is mind blowing compared to what SUV's used to be like. Remember the old Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee? They handled well for their size but compared to this Porsche they are like drunken elephants. The handling is amazing for this conversion sport-ute, and I'm impressed they could bring an SUV this close to a sports car. It's still not worthy of tackling Nurburgring in under seven minutes, but for the sporting enthusiast who wants room and SUV clearance this is the way to go. Watch the movie below for how not to drive your new sporty SUV.

Video content: Porsche Cayenne wrecked at high speed

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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